Symptoms of fever blisters and the way they spread

Medical science has come a long way by improving new technologies and machines for treating diseases. Medical discoveries throughout the evolution of modern science have enabled us to prevent such diseases that were considered deadly from that starting of civilization. Modern medical science has enabled us to find out the reason of the disease to prevent it from the root. Cold sores which are also known as fever blisters are one of the most annoying and painful infections that can affect any people. But to prevent cold sores, it is important to know the root of it and why it happens. We are going to discover here the symptoms and possible ways of getting affected by fever blisters.

Cold sore or fever blisters are viral infections that look like a group of blisters appearing on lips and around mouth areas. These are caused by a virus called Herpes simplex virus. There are two types of this virus are found that can cause fever blisters. One is Herpes simplex virus type 1 that affects the upper body tissues that lie above the waist line. The other one is type 2 that cause infection in tissues located under the waist line. The other name of these type 2 viruses is genital herpes. These are least responsible for causing facial infections. Our body’s immune system cannot defend entirely against this virus. Mostly the old people and kids get affected by this virus as their body immune system is much weaker than an adult person.

There are not many symptoms that can indicate the starting of this infection. It starts with itching and a certain spot that gets affected turns red. It can also cause a headache and irritation at the beginning stage. The pain builds up slowly and the blisters start to appear on the affected areas. This process takes place within the timeframe of several hours to one or two days. This prevents us from treating this virus before it appears.

Fever blister is a highly contagious disease. This means the virus can be passed on to other people by direct physical contact. It can also be transmitted by using same products such as towels, spoons, glasses etc. once you get affected by this virus, you should be careful of these things to reduce the chances of transmitting the virus to someone else. If you get the virus from someone who is already affected, the virus can stay dormant in your cells for a long time. It can be reactivated to reproduce for various reasons. Even the affected people are not safe from this virus after it has already healed. The virus remains in their blood cells and can be reactivated by the same reasons. The reasons that can reactivate the dormant viruses are menstruation, sun exposure, dusty wind pollution, fever, stress, and other reasons that can reduce the strength of our body immune system.

Now we can stay safe by knowing all the reasons of fever blisters mentioned above and by staying cautious.

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